Walking Adventure in the Rock Valley – 11km (3 Days/ 2 Nights)

Walking Adventure in the Rock Valley – 11km (3 Days/ 2 Nights)

Sunday 16 October 2016


Check out the trip schedule to see where you can go !

45 JOD


Including Transportation/Bus Jet



Day 1

15:30 - 23:00

15:30 Afternoon

  • Assemble at the “Jet” buses location/seventh circle and head to Shobak.
  • Check into Montreal Hotel. Then drive to Almatallat (1400m Height) to watch the sunset.
  • Have dinner at Montreal Hotel and sleep overnight there.


Day 2

05:30 - 19:30

5:30 Morning
Breakfast at Montreal Hotel and start the walking adventure, which includes:
  • Climb toward Bawab mountain area, Aldthnah water valley toward the Finan valley.
  • Walk with the water downstream toward the Goyer valley and the palm valley passing through the hanging rock.
  • Have breaks on the way with the provision of snacks, tea and some dates.
19:30 Afternoon
Return back to hotel.
Eat dinner and have a Lute (Oud instrument) evening while having Mella bread and tea on fuelwood.


Day 3

07:30 - 12:30

7:30 Morning
Breakfast at Montreal Hotel.

9:00 Morning
Drive towards the Shobak castle; the castle’s visit includes:
  • Watching the Ayoubi show presented by the company with a tour in the castle.
  • Tunnel’s adventure (365 degrees in the heart of the castle to the plains surrounding the castle) – Optional.
12:30 Noon
Drive back to Amman.

The above schedule is offered in 45 JDs Includes:
  • 20 JDs paid through “Jordan is nicer” Program.
  • Additional 25 JDs to be paid directly by the visitor.
Transportation (Jet Buses) are inclusive.
With consideration of the following:
  • The above prices are per person in a double room.
  • Above prices include the meals and transportation in accordance with the above program.
  • The lute (Oud instrument) evening (with presence of a professional singer) is conditional on a presence of 20 persons as minimal.
  • The walking adventure is conditional on a presence of 10 persons as minimal. Degree of difficulty is from “Easy” to “Average”.
  • The price includes the possibility of providing mobile bus cinema in the hotel's location with the Film Royal Commission’s collaboration – advance reservation is conditional.
  • During the walking adventure, each 10 persons will be accompanied by a tour guide -with a walkie-talkie- from the company's employees, who are from the local communities.
  • The Jordanian company for reviving the heritage is a non-profit developmental company aims to support local communities and provide a unique tourist product.
  • Above times are possible to control or change for collective bookings that will fully occupy the bus, and in coordination with all parties.
  • It’s possible in the first day to take off from Amman at 5:00 am (morning) and directly start with the walking adventure then spend the night at the hotel and return to Amman in the next day.
  • The maximum capacity of the hotel is 20 hotel rooms; meaning that from 45 to 50 persons - in case some of the rooms have been prepared with three beds per room.