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Jordan Heritage Revival Company
Jordan Heritage Revival Company was founded by The King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) based on the royal vision of reviving and preserving the Jordanian heritage for Jordanian citizens and international tourists.

Jordan Heritage Revival Company was established to promote the revival of the Jordanian heritage in a place where ancient civilizations have left significant contributions to help form the beauty of Jordan’s history.

The company’s mission is to revive the Jordanian heritage to bring the beautiful history back to life by turning it into a spectacular experience for Jordanian citizens and international tourists while growing into a self-sufficient company, where stable-income jobs were and still are being created for Jordanian veterans.

Jordan’s touristic sites hold a sense of authenticity and nobility that accompany visitors on different trips and adventures while exploring the hidden treasures across Jordan. 

New Logo.png Montreal Hotel
Montreal Hotel is located 5 minutes away from Shobak castle, welcoming you with 20 rooms; single and double bedded rooms as well as a main suite. The hotel rooms offer a serene view of the Shobak castle inviting you to an experience through the eyes of Montreal Hotel. Our hotel is designed for a vibrant yet professional place to complement our guests at work, rest or play, where we offer workshops, meetings and conference for private companies and the public sector.

Each room has been prepared for a lovely relaxing stay at Montreal hotel while ensuring the comfort of our guests by providing cable TV channels, a safe box, and other amenities and facilities such as flourish gardens and a volleyball court for a friendly match.

As for the adventurous souls who are looking for an extraordinary stay out in nature under the stars, Montreal Hotel offers you an outdoor accommodation with our fully equipped luxury tents for a unique camping experience.

*All of Montreal hotel activities and its programs are fully insured with a premium insurance policy.