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Shobak has the maximum altitude amongst the populated areas in the Kingdom; as it constitutes part of the Sharah mountain range, where it starts in the Almuthalath “triangle” area north of Shobakwhich rises nearly 1350m above sea level,and ends in the Heisha area south of the brigade which reaches more than 1750m in and considered the highest in the Sharahmountain range, andcharacterized by its severely cold winter.

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You can choose one of our cycling packages to enjoy outdoor cycling activities with fresh air in Shobak area where you can experience an enjoyable ride on bicycles with defined trails to get to know the area within a variety of terrains.

Ayyubid castle performance

“The fearless Salah Addin Al Ayyubi arrived to the castle of Shobak along with his Ayyubid army for retributive justice to the marauders who have tried taking control over the castle and its people, as the castle told stories about the crusader invasion through its church and baptizing wells. The castle which is known as the desert’s jewel will stand strong against whatever is coming its way, holding the flag of glory always and forever”.. Those are the words that were said in the reenactment show that was beautifully performed by retired army personnel who are also staff members at the castle, as their vision is to breathe alive the stories hidden underneath the castle’s stones as a source of life to the residents of the area.

Breathtaking views await you in different areas of Shobak, such as Al Johair, Al Heishah, and Om-Shomrah.

Shobak Hills

There are several hills with amazing outlooks in different areas in Shobak, such as Al Juhair, Al Hishah and Um Shomrah hills.

The “Rock Valley” Walking

The walking trail through the rock valley and back to the return point is approximately a 9 hour walk with a distance of 26 KM, 11 KM on a straight route and 16 KM on a winding route which includes walking through different paths and various terrains. The beginning of the walk starts with a mountain climb reaching Al Bawwab area, and a straight route followed by a descent towards Wadi Hamam Al Dathna to reach the meeting point of the stream and the palm area, and then a straight path towards the area of Malqa Al Wodyan, the meeting point of Al Dathna stream Al Ghuwair stream (The palm), where you will experience a walk in a water trail through the stream and the rock valley’s pool (Birkat Al Sakhra) and As-Siq heading back to the return point.

The availability of various geographical and ecological environmental conditions is what makes Shobak an exceptional spot for outdoor activities such as cycling. The altitude above sea level extends from 1300 meters up to 1700 meters where beginners and professionals can enjoy a ride with serene views in an archeological area in nature on asphalt roads as well as off-roads. The routes of cycling in Shobak have been developed with the support of top cycling professionals in Jordan.