Shobak – Wadi Rum

Sunday 16 October 2016


Check out the trip schedule to see where you can go !

20 JOD


Including Transportation/Bus Jet



Day 1

15:30 - 23:00

15:30 Afternoon

  • Assemble at the “Jet” buses location/seventh circle and drive to Shobak.
  • Check into Montreal Hotel, then head to Almatallat (1400m Height) to watch the sunset.
  • Have dinner (buffet) at Montreal Hotel. Lute (Oud instrument) night while having Milla bread and tea on fuelwood.


Day 2

07:30 - 19:30

7:30 Morning
Breakfast at Montreal Hotel.

9:00 Morning
Drive towards the Shobak castle; the castle’s visit includes:
  • Watching the Ayoubi show presented by the company with a tour in the castle.
  • Tunnel’s adventure (365 degrees in the heart of the castle to the plains surrounding the castle) – Optional.
Drive back to the hotel with a lunch meal then drive toward Wadi Rum.

17:00 Afternoon
Arrive the camp and receive the tents, then start the four-wheel drive for two hours to watch the sunset.

Return back to camp. Eat the dinner meal, which is “Zerb” (i.e. cooking underground) and have an evening gathering and watch the moon.


Day 3

08:30 - 10:00

8:30 Morning
Eat breakfast meal.

Drive back to Amman.

The above schedule is offered in 20 JDs through “Jordan is nicer” Program.
Inclusive transportation (Jet Buses)

With consideration of the following:

  • The above prices are per person in a double room per night, and you can spend more than one night.
  • Prices include the Ayoubi show, castle adventure, meals and transportation in accordance with the above program.
  • The lute (Oud instrument) night (with presence of a professional singer) is conditional on a presence of 20 persons as minimal.
  • The price includes the possibility of providing mobile bus cinema in the hotel's location with the Film Royal Commission’s collaboration – advance reservation is conditional.
  • The Jordanian company for reviving the heritage is a non-profit developmental company aims to support local communities and provide a unique tourist product.
  • Above times are possible to control or change for collective bookings that will fully occupy the bus, and in coordination with all parties.
  • The maximum capacity of the hotel is 20 hotel rooms; meaning that from 45 to 50 persons - in case some of the rooms have been prepared with three beds per room.